Out from under the heavy eyelid of a fleet-of-foot camelid comes the vantage point of a spicy but-not-SO-tall-tale of gathering spices.


So, gather your wits! Pack quick!


Wish yourself bon voyage and join camel on a journey as she sashays across shifting sands and scales mountainous peaks in search of a peck of spice to enchant your taste buds and enhance your health and well being.


Being sound of mind and strange of foot is exactly what carries camel, in c’est la vie style, to the isle of Ceylon past the hanging garden of Babylon, where she locates cinnamon, mon amis.


She is not a Francophile (per se) but her name could be Charlie. She sips a tincture of vinegar, en route to Madagascar, you see. She stops for cloves, and a change of clothes, namely a finely loomed saddle bag, with pockets where spices can stow away.


Onward and upward, for the wayward, who’ve their way with words…for now we head north to the Med East (eastern Mediterranean, that is) for cumin. Come on!


Re-orienting ourselves easterly toward South Asia to retrieve cardamom. Nom! Nom!

Satiated and on the last leg of this journey we travel, not to Hungry for paprika, but to the New World where it originates.


And now we have gathered ALL the ingredients for O spice! Oh my!


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